Merapi Testnet -

Overturn the Traditional

Social Networks

TTC Merapi Test Network,
aka Merapi Testnet, is a complete and self-reliant blockchain solution and sustainable token economy model for social networks



DAPP Chains


Multi-level BFT-DPoS

A consensus based on DPoS, designed to maintain a high transaction speed and low cost, while providing easy participation of users to bring robustness to the ecosystem

DAPP Chains

One Core Chain for TTC transaction, multiple DAPP Chains for operation transactions, and Cross-Chain for interactions among chains


TReE (TTC Reward Engine) distributes TTC coins on a daily basis to every contributor, including representatives, voters, DAPP developers and DAPP users.

Experience the TTC Merapi Testnet V0.1

Merapi Testnet is available for trial. You can experience the core features of TTC Protocol, including voting for representatives and receiving voting rewards, transferring assets, and receiving rewards from TReE.
NOTE: The TTC Testnet coins have no real-world value. They simply exist for testing purposes.

TTC Connect - Manage Your TTC Assets

TTC Connect is the most convenient way for users to access the TTC Protocol. By utilizing TTC Connect, a user can synchronize TTC rewards from multiple DAPPs, transfer TTC assets to other users or exchanges, and take part in governing the consensus by voting for representativesribution will become part of a change which will impact billions.

1. Download TTC Connect

2. Apply for Merapi Testnet coins

3. Vote and get voting rewards

TReE - Get TTC Rewards Everyday

TReE distributes TTC rewards to participants for their contributions to the ecosystem. Users can get rewards by participating proactively and making contributions in DAPPs everyday.

1. Download tataUFO

2. Make social interactions

- Publish high quality posts
- Interact with high quality posts (e.g. like, comment)

3. Check for your rewards in TTC Connect everyday

Bug Bounty Program

To better the TTC Protocol experience and improve its ecosystem, code enthusiasts are invited to join our community. Each individuals' contribution will become part of a change which will impact billions.

Rigi Mainnet - Setting a New Standard for

Social Networks!

After Merapi Testnet, we will start TTC Rigi Mainnet, a secure and stable blockchain solution for social networks. It is on its way to make new standard for next generation of social networks!