Join the Global Contribution Value Ecosystem

Watch the 120s video to learn how it works.

TTC Mining = Consensus Mining + Social Mining

TReE, short for TTC Reward Engine, will incentivize all parties that make contributions to TTC Protocol’s ecosystem by issuing TTC on a daily basis.

• Consensus Mining : The transactions are recorded and synchronized by representatives that are elected by users who hold TTC. TReE will reward representatives and voters

• Social Mining : DAPP users who truly contribute to the platform by generating high quality contents as well as interacting with them, are recognized and rewarded

Multi-level BFT-DPoS

Optimized consensus for large transaction processing capability and fast verification

• A consensus based on the DPoS consensus, where multiple representatives, voted by all TTC holders, record and synchronize transactions, ensuring the stability and efficiency of new blocks under fair premise.

• BFT mechanism to increase the speed of confirmation for each transaction.

• Multi-level representative selection mechanism provides more representative candidates with the chance to produce blocks, with different probabilities according to the votes they have received.

Voting is Mining

As incentive, voters get a share of the TTC reward in a block

Consensus Evolution

The TTC Protocol provides the means to achieve democratic consensus in a simple and effective way, ensuring the ultimate power to decide significant consensus reform lies with TTC holders.

• Representatives can initiate a proposal to optimize consensus mechanism aspects of reward distribution proportion and so forth, and publicly vote on it on behalf of their voters.

• TTC holders can participate in the governance of consensus mechanism by voting for representatives they trust, according to their positons on the proposal.

DAPPs On TTC Ecosystem

TTC Protocol is building one of the largest blockchain ecosystm with over 23 million users.


Lifestyle sharing platform with over 13m young chinese users, aka "Instagram of China"


Video editing/sharing platform with over 10m downloads gloablly.

A token-incentivized collaboration tools built for developers and open source projects.

TTC Onboarding Program

We are looking for online communities (web and/or mobile) to build the global alliance to grow together. Join the ecosystem, already with over 20 million users!

TTC: The Ultimate Utility Token

As in-app
tokens / points

Users can use TTC tokaens to purchase 1AP features / services / items.

As credits for

Advertiser can use TTC tokens to post ADs on DAAP.

As “currencies”
in the ecosystem

Users can use TTC as like flat money in the ecosystem.