We work to disrupt the current centralized social networks

We believe that everyone is a contributor, every action has a value and every community should respect that.

Decentralized Social Networks

The communal interest decides which content is worth seeing, and the benefits go directly to the users.

• In TTC Protocol, social network users are rewarded for generating high quality contents, as well as interacting with them in terms of liking, commenting, sharing, and so forth

• TTC Protocol returns the commercial value to those same users that cultivate and grow the value of social networks

Everyone Wins

Proactive Users

Users will participate proactively as their contribution is clearly and fairly recognized and incentivezed.

Healthy Atmosphere

The contents aligned with the core value of the platform get highly rewarded. This creates healthy atmosphere in regards to content creations.

Exponential Growth

Effective and fair incentive mechanism increase the value of the network, accelerating the growth engine significantly.

Our Mission

Incentivize Contributors

Enable users to claim the economic value of their contributions to the social networks and online communities.

Connect Communities

Provide a easy-to-integrate and scalable platform for communities to benefit from a sustainable growth and token-centric revenue models

Grow the Ecosystem

Establish a global ecosystem by aggregating key communities of all topics and interests

Road Map

TTC Whitepaper
Implementation of smart contracts for Pre ICO and Main ICO
Main ICO
TTC on exchange
Launch of TReE (beta version)
Launch of TTC Wallet (beta version)
Implementation and test for TTC Protocol with external blockchain team & community
Launch of TTC Scan
TTC Merapi Testnet 2nd Phase: DAPP Chain Solution
TTC SDK: Payment Module
TTC Connect: Payment Function
Testnet Compatibility Testing of Various DAPPs
Representative Voting Commencement
Launch of TTC Ad Network Beta Version
Official launch of TTC Rigi Mainnet
Official Launch of TReE (TTC Reward Engine)
Compatibility Testing of Additional DAPPs


Brian Cheong

President & Founder

Founder & CEO at tataUFO. SoftBank Ventures Korea. Peking University

Chase Chang

VP, Ecosystem

COO at Retrica. VP of Global Business Development at LINE Pay. Founding member of LINE Thailand. SoftBank Ventures.

Yixiao Wang

Product Director

Co-founder & VP at HuYing Network Technology (Acquired). Product Manager at Baidu. Renmin University of China

He Zhang

Design Director

Design Director at The Brand Union and Dongdao. A winner of Red Dot Design, iF WORLD DESIGN, A Design, China Red Star Design and Design for Asia Awards. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Jie Wu

Growth Director

Business Development at Dianping. Shanghai Ocean University

Peng Liu

Technical Lead

Associate Director at Beijing Jietong Huasheng Technology. Dalarna University (Sweden), Tsinghua University

Xiangyang Wang

Technical Lead

Senior Engineer at Samsung Communications Research Institute and LG Electronic China R&D Center. Tsinghua University

Liang Zhang

Technical Lead

Year of experience in numerous startups as a Senior Engineer. Shanxi Normal University

Yi Mo

Senior Product Manager

Social Platform Project Leader at SOHU. Beihang University

Shihao Guo

Senior Product Manager

Senior Engineer at tataUFO and Beijing North Information Technology. Henan University

Yunji Ma

Design Lead

Senior Designer at Beijing Yak sat Network Technology. Beijing Jiaotong University


Simon Kim

CEO and Partner at Hashed / Venture Partner at SoftBank Ventures

Yuan Zhang

CEO assistant and Blockchain PM of Bitmain Technology

Shuoji Zhou

Founding Partner of FBG Capital

Thanh Nguyen

Founder, Verichains Lab & CSO, VNG Corp.

Sten Laureyssens

Chairman & Co-founder at Adara.io

Jian Cai

Professor at Guanghua School of Management, Peking university

Ryan Kim

CAO and Partner at Hashed

Hongwei Cao

Raventech CTO at Baidu